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Weekly Meetup on the East Side (Eagle Rock)

Young Meditators of LA (20's - 30's)

Join us for our weekly meet up on the east side in Eagle Rock. The gathering includes 30 minutes of meditation practice followed by group discussion and socializing. We also do different activities that change week to week which include yoga, art...

Learn Dances at the Pasadena Folk Dance Co-op! $6

International Dance in the San Gabriel Valley

     If you would like to have a taste of international folk dancing to see if you like it, we highly recommend you join us at 7:45 pm on a Friday night for about 40 minutes of introductory teaching. We know it is difficult to walk into a room...

Learn and enjoy folk dances from around the world at 7:45 pm any Friday night $6

Pasadena Folk Dance Co-op

International folk dancing is great exercise and a wonderful way to make friends.  There are international folk dance groups all over the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia and they all do some of the same dances. Once you learn some basic...

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