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Community Events

James McNeill Whistler film @Norton Simon & see his Mum (& Manet &Cezanne too)
4-24-15 7:00 pm - All Saints Church

Thanks to DiscoverLA member Catherine, I heard about this outstanding trio of paintings coming from the Musee d'Orsay which led me to look for other events surrounding it.  I like to kill several birds with a single stone.  I STRONGLY URGE YOU...

Queen of Blood (Pathfinder RPG)
4-24-15 7:00 pm - All Saints Church
The Pasadena Dungeons & Dragons Meetup

Slave City of the Awaiting Consumption. After successfully taking the contents of Neros's secret chest, the companions learn the object of their quest is hidden in the ,mighty fortress of he Overlord of the city. The Purge has provided an...

We will be meeting every Friday night that All Saints Church is open.Please RSVP
4-24-15 7:00 pm - All Saints Church
Journey Onward a group for Spiritual & Psychological growth

This is an ongoing interfaith spirituality group focusing on meditation and psychospiritual processes. Currently we are focusing on insight meditation and radical acceptance and self forgiveness. We are a small community that support each other...

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